Those all important results have just been published and you look down at the grades with a mixture of emotions; hope, anxiety, fear, excitement. Many, many students will have felt that feeling of despair as they realize that one of more of the grades was not as good as they would have hoped. So, what should they do? When it comes to retaking exams a tutor is often the best solution for getting on track to achieve those much-desired grades.

A private tutor will aim to:

  • build your child's confidence
  • improve their understanding of complex topics
  • learn good study skills
  • develop good concepts
  • improve their subject knowledge
  • achieve better grades

As parents we need to make sure that our children have all the support they need to be able to achieve their academic goal. Simply helping them to set realistic goals and listening to their anxieties is important. But the best way to help your child improve their grades is to hire a private tuition.

So, how will a tutor help my child get their grades?

A student will have a private tutor's full attention meaning that the tutor is able to fully assess your child's strengths and weaknesses and determine the best teaching strategies to ensure better progress. This one-on-one support will also hopefully create an environment that your child feels comfortable in and one where they are able to discuss any fears they may have, ask questions about things they didn't understand and go over problems until they have grasped the concept without worrying about what others may think.

A tutor will have their own individual way of teaching and the great thing with a good tutor is that they can create fun and interesting lessons, based on your child's learning style, needs and issues. Of course your child will need to work hard to get the grades they need and their dedication is imperative to their success.

Depending on the amount of time your child may have before their resits a private tuition once or twice a week is the best way to help them prepare.

If you do hire a tutor, regular sessions maintain momentum. Once a week is typical, once a fortnight at a push but any less frequent and the benefits are likely to be lost in between meetings.

When it comes to choosing the right tutor, probably the most important factor is that the tutor builds a good rapport with the student. Always check their qualifications and read reviews of others that have used them.

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