In today’s advance technological world everyone wants to market their products or services through website technology. If you are also one of them and want to select a free website from free website hosting service provider, it is your bad choice. Here we shall discuss some reasons of not going for a free website and how it can affect your business.

First of all, just do a Google search and type a query “Free Website”, you will get results of free website building service provider such as wix, websitebuilder, Yola and many more.

Now let’s check out reasons of why free website is not recommended.

1. Free website with trial service and limitations

One you sign up for “free website” many of them offer “freemium” model or trial service with limitations and many of them are not free at all. These free website companies also need to make money. In this case some of them charge for image hosting, email accounts, FTP access with higher cost. After couple of months on completion of trial service, you will be asked to upgrade and pay for it.

2. Unprofessional Impression of your site

: As you have selected free website, your domain name would be for ex. “” and you are not getting custom domain name such as “”. Also you can’t rank well for your website in google as the domain you have got such as “” is secondary domain, which is hard to rank well than main domain such as “”. And if you want to get a custom domain name, you have to go for premium service. You go down your impression with your website address and it looks unprofessional.

The template you select for your free website from limited number of themes are designed poorly and may not look professional or unique as you have wanted.

3. Free Website is Bad for SEO

Free website hosting providers launch hundreds of websites sharing the same server, which makes your website load at slower speed. And you have no control over it. Slow website is not good for user experience, which is bad for SEO.

For free websites you can’t do proper SEO, as it gives limitations for your on-site keywords optimization in your titles and content.


4. Your own content will not be your own

For your website you generate or write awesome unique content to make your website look beautiful, which never truly owns – the service provider owns it. In some cases the content you upload may charge you for hosting. Also there is a chance to your content can be stolen and used by service provider at somewhere else, as you are not owner of your site or content.

5. Limited bandwidth and low disk storage

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from server to user browser, which costs money, while free websites come with limited bandwidth and limited storage to store your data.


In conclusion, choosing a free website will be bad decision of yours and you may regret after selecting it. The best way is to pay for your own website with unique design as you have always wanted. It will not cost you much and you only will be the owner of your site, contents, files and everything.